Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory has confirmed that the band fired bassist Matt Snell in December.  

Speculation over the band’s status  has been put to end after it was suggested they were looking for a new member.   Earlier this week their management said a flier advertising auditions was a fake, but didn’t deny the auditions themselves had taken place.

Now Bathory has confirmed Snell is out – but he’s not allowed to explain why.

The guitarist says:  To put this to sleep, I’ll say this: yes, Matt was fired. We let him go a long time ago, back in December.  As for reasons, we have contracts between each other, and they protect us all. We have a contract with Matt and it says I can’t tell you anything that would hurt his career if he goes any further.

The band is currently working on a  album and tour.

He explains: The band is in lockdown mode, writing and recording, so we decided to keep it under wraps. This kind of stuff usually becomes a circus and we really didn’t want to be bothered during the recording process – but somebody leaked it against the band’s wishes.  We’ll deal with replacing him when we finish the record and have time to focus. We haven’t made any sort of public statement so whatever else you hear is only speculation.