Thanks for coming to Smarter than a Q-Tease at the Sports Grill in Clifton Park at Spare Time bowling. There was a great turn-out. A lot of our former teams showed up and a couple new teams made an appearance too. The food was good and the employees are very relaxed and friendly.

Stephanie and I worked as a team last night and we were holding first and second place most of the night, until the final round. So everyone better watch out, the Q-Tease are ready to put our brains to the test this year. We may not have known who the 6th seed of the AFC for the play-offs, but we certainly knew who was in and who was out of rehab this week.

I bet you would like to know that we're giving another 4-pack of Disturbed tickets out next week at Smarter than a Q-Tease. So show up, get some drinks, cheap food, and win appetizers, gift certificates and concert tickets.