A McDonalds commercial from the early 1960's has surfaced on the internet featuring a first look at Ronald McDonald, and boy did he look different.  Actually, it's a bit creepy. When McDonalds first rolled out the character Ronald McDonald to help promote their restaurant it didn't really look so great.  Now, for those of us not around in 1963, we can get a first look at the very creepy version of Ronald that they went with at first.  To top that off, he's played by none other than Willard Scott.  Maybe the argument that a clown promoting greasy fast food isn't the best idea will stand up with these old ads.

Ronald says that there is nothing better than eating McDonalds hamburgers while watching TV.  That is far different than the marketing used today.  Thanks to The Consumerist, we get to look back at what was and be thankful that it went away.