The first day of summer is here, and it's letting us know it. Near record heat is on the way, as the Albany area is going to be in the mid-90's for the next few days.

All winter long we complain that we want summer. Well, it's here, and it's punching us right in the face. The National Weather Service has even issued a heat advisory for the Albany area. The temperature will be near 96, while the humidty could make it feel more like 104 degrees. Not a bad way to kick off summer.

So kick back relax, and try and stay cool. Thursday will feel the same temperatures once again hitting the 90's. The best part about all this weather is that it will bring out the skimpiest of outfits for the women. Plus, sundress weather is here. We are all for that. Heat? Bring it on. Ladies; take it off.