A Political spokesman for Idaho Representative Raul Labrador has been fired allegedly for tweeting from the wrong twitter account. And what’s worse, the tweet wasn’t even that bad.

During the super bowl a commercial for the show “2 Broke Girls” came on (Seen below) and Phil Hardy who operates Rep. Labrador’s twitter account sent a tweet the read “Me Likey Broke Girls”. Which this would not have been an issue except he’s sent the tweet from his boss Raul Labrador’s twitter. Labrador's office issued a public apology for the tweet on Monday and then fired Hardy ending his 3 year term with the office.

The fact that this got a dude fired is ridiculous. “Me Likey Broke Girls” isn’t an offensive tweet, it’s a grammatically incorrect tweet. And since when is it wrong to tell the world how you feel about a television show. Sorry Raul Labrador that the world for a second thought you had an opinion on something other than potatoes. Phil Hardy accidentally tweeting something with a touch of pizzazz may have been the best thing to happen to your twitter. What’s going to happen now that you fired him? Are you going to control your own twitter account? Can’t wait to see all your plain Jane politically correct tweets about the anticipation on the potato crop this year or how you really appreciate a good pleat ion a fine pair of slacks.