Fingerprint wallpaper (1920x1080)


A new law in the City of Albany is forcing Door-to-Door sales people to now get fingerprinted before they can sell. In other related news: There are still door-to-door sales people?

“The Common Council voted unanimously Monday night to ratchet up the scrutiny of neighborhood hawkers amid concerns about just who is getting the OK to ring your doorbell and sell you a new set of knives.” –TU

This new rule has really set me at ease. Before I was reluctant to let a knife wielding stranger into my house, but now I know that they have submitted finger prints I don’t even lock my door. However this new fingerprinting rule does not include minors such as Girl scouts and youth sports teams. So if you ring my bell holding anything other than a deadly weapon you can count on me not answering. How do I know your cookies are not poisoned without the safety of your finger prints somewhere on file?