This is it, the final week to win tickets to Rock on the Range during Smarter Than A Q-Tease Trivia at the Lager House in Latham Wednesday from 7p-9p. Beat Stephanie and Ashley in trivia and the tickets can be yours. If your team needs some help, there's a way to cheat. Sign up to be a Rock-A-Holic, earn points to win free stuff on our website by playing the Smarter than A Q-Tease quiz and some answers that will help your team win.


This is the final week of a three-week cumulative contest to win tickets to America's Biggest Rock Festival- Rock On The Range, featuring Shinedown, Incubus, Five Finger Death Punch, Rob Zombie and many more. Should your team have the most points and wins 'Smarter than A Q-Tease Trivia' at The Lager House, 185 Old Louden Road in Latham from 7p-9p, then your team is going to Rock On The Range in Columbus Ohio May 18, 19 and 20th.

If you're looking for a really fun time while enjoying some great food and drink plus hanging out with some really cute, smart girls, then Smarter Than A Q-Tease Trivia is your event. Once you try our trivia, you'll never go to another trivia night anywhere else.

The Lager House food is excellent, from hot & cold club sandwiches to their award-winning pizzas, like the Memphis Pulled Pork Pizza.

We play 3 rounds of trivia, each round has ten questions, each question is worth a certain number of points. Whatever team has the most amount of points at the end of the round and night wins. We'll have appetizer prizes at the end of the rounds as well as a $25 gift card to the Lager House. Other great prizes to win include tickets to concerts, t-shirts, CD, beer mugs and more.

Plenty of parking across the street at the Omni parking lot.

Click the link to play a quiz of 3 sample questions that will be asked Wednesday night. You’ll only be able to play and get the answers if you are a Rock-A-Holic, so sign up now. Good Luck and see you there.

You'll play against Stephanie and Ashley, while Rob Dawes hosts.

Rock-A-Holics earn more points to win stuff here.