12/365: March 8, 2013

Sometimes I think posts on Facebook are either too serious or a bit to informative. You know what I mean? Let's have fun, laugh a little and just enjoy social networking's master blaster. Say it with me: FACEBOOK!


With thoughts of glee and yay ripping through my melon I posted this question:


I figured this would get people off their cyber a---- and provoke great responses. Mission accomplished!


Chicks poop? When, where, what? I thought they just walked around dropping stink bombs all day. Thanks for the info brotha!


I think some of us can and will agree with Jordo's post, regardless of the auto-correct issues.


I remember a phone call with a buddy a few years ago where he told me his chick was 'making sandwiches'. I was like 'that's nice of her'. He laughed, she moaned a few times, and well, I instantly knew what he was talking about.

Was she thoughtful, Kevin? ;-)


Speaking of being thoughtful, I think Chris's ex was, no?


Pat and Chrissy checked in with a bit of truth WE ALL can relate with, seriously!


Sarah, keeping it all in the fam I take it?


Chris, you miss her don't you?


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