Just heard the terrible story about a pet ferret attacking a sleeping baby.  Who is more at fault though?  The parents or the ferret?

If you had it on Free Beer & Hot Wings then you heard the story of the pet ferret chewing off a sleeping babies fingers leaving only the 2 thumbs behind.  What an awful thing to happen.  So who is more at fault here?  The parents for not making sure the ferret couldn't get to the baby?  Or is it the ferrets fault for being what it is, a wild animal.

First off I blame the parents for not paying better attention.  They didn't hear the baby crying as a ferret was eating its fingers??  That in itself is incredible to me.  Get a baby monitor.  Something tells me these people are lacking in the teeth department.  Second thing is ferrets are a stupid pet.  Why do people insist on owning things like this?  Rodents are not pets.  A ferret is very similar to a weasel, and I have never heard of anyone owning a pet weasel.  Mice, rats, snakes, spiders any other creepy ass animal should not be a pet.  Cats and dogs can also be unsafe around babies but it seems way less likely that a dog or cat would do something like this.  I would say your safest bet would be a gold fish, so go crazy with an aquarium. For a look at the complete story click here.