Danny McBride joined the show this morning for a little chat at the talk about his new movie Your Highness.

Danny McBride's star has certainly risen over the past couple of years.  He has been writing with funny man Will Ferrell for years now but he is finally starting to come into his own fame.  A lot of people know his as Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down but I grew to love him as Cody the explosives expert in Tropic Thunder.  He was also a co-star in Pineapple Express along side James Franco and Seth Rogan.  He has teamed up with James Franco once again for his latest movie Your Highness which is a comedy set in medieval times.  I watched the trailer a couple months ago and it looks like a very funny movie.  I love that James Franco is branching out to do comedies and also in this is Black Swan actress Natalie Portman.  Your Highness is set to hit theaters on April 8th.