We have all been there.  In a bit of hurry and have to grab a quick bite so what better way to do so other than the drive thru?  Except, it never seems to move along quickly.

The other day I had a lot going on.  I forget to bring my lunch with me to work so on my way home after the show I decided to stop at the fast food joint near my apartment.  Not the healthiest choice, but hey, he who has not loved themselves a cheeseburger cast the first stone.  Anyway, I pull up to the drive thru and it's around lunch time so I expect a little bit of a wait, but this was way longer than I thought.

I always thought that the concept behind fast food was that you get it fast?  When I am stuck waiting at the drive thru for nearly 20 minutes I might as well just go to a sit down restaurant.  Lunch happens everyday of the week, so to give them the excuse that they were unprepared is not an option.  At around 1pm in the afternoon on a weekday you be prepared for the lunch rush.  When I was in college I worked at a restaurant and we would prepare hours in advance for situations just like this, and very rarely were we ever caught off guard.

This is not the first time that I have run into this situation.  At this particular place I always have to wait a ridiculously long time no matter what time of day it is.  Most of us look to fast food joints when we are in a jam.  Whether it's that we need some quick food or just save some money.  I think that maybe they need to rethink how things are run at these places because the long waits, whether it be inside or out, need to stop.  Either that or we just stop calling it fast food, because at this point it's quicker for me to go to the grocery store, buy some hamburgers and make them myself.