The latest and looks to be last installment of The Fast and The Furious franchise has slew of stars and looks to be action packed. I saw the first Fast and the Furious when I was in high school and as a 16 year old fresh on the road it was awesome.  The next couple came out and didn't really do it for me.  In fact Tokyo Drift just seemed like a joke.  The main problem was that the cast in the first one worked pretty well together.

So last summer when the fourth installment of the films came out and Vin Diesel was back I figured for nostalgia sack i should see it, and it was awesome all over again.  I'm not looking for an Oscar worthy performance in these movies, I'm looking for fast cars, big action, some hot chicks and quite frankly a decent story line.  The fourth one had all that and the fifth one looks to be kicking it up another notch.

The fifth and final part of the Fast and the Furious is out this summer and I am excited.  First of all it has the Rock in it  and thank god he is finally getting back to kick ass roles a ditching that Disney image.  Vin Diesel is back as well as Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster.  I can't wait to sit down to watch this, and in IMAX no doubt.  Check out the trailer and get excited.