First it was the Harlem Shake now it's Fandango-ing.

What is it? Simultaneously singing Fandango's entrance theme tune and pointing their index fingers up.

Who is Fandango?He is a wrestler with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) that burst on the scene several weeks ago with his debut match at Wrestlemania 29 in New Jersey with a win over Chris Jericho.

Last Monday, the fans attending the Monday Night Raw taping the night after Wrestlemania began to sing the wrestlers entrance theme during and after the match.

From there, the next viral sensation began and last week on April 11th, the Houston Texans cheerleaders released a video of them doing the "Fandango"

The video drew more than 230,00 views.

Seems like everyone is getting in on the action including PETA

Who would have thought an arrogant danciong character in wrestling would get over so well? Somehow I feel like our own Party Peacock Dalton Castle will be making his own soon.