Yesterday Derek Jeter hit his 3,000th hit and it just happened to be a home run.  Now there are a lot of people out there who would grab it up in hopes of either holding onto history or making a quick buck, but not one very luck Yankee fan.

Imagine that Derek Jeter hits a home run ball to you at Yankee stadium.  What an awesome feeling.  Now imagine that home run ball is his 3,000th career hit.  Even more amazing.  What would you do?  Would you give it back?  Cash in on it?  They estimate that it's worth about $250,000.  Well that mind game fell to 23 year old Christian Lopez, and proved to be one of the classiest spectators in sports.

Jeter's home run ball crashed down in front of him and he said that he knew that he needed to return that ball to Jeter.  What an awesome gesture.  I mean, if he hadn't of done that I'm sure this would be an entirely different type of article. Lopez did the right thing and in an interview with the YES network's Michael Kay he said that he knew that ball belonged to Jeter:

He deserves this, he's worked hard for this ... I'm not the type of person to take this away from him.

That kind gesture certainly paid off for Lopez.  He gave the ball back to Jeter and didn't even ask for anything in return.  What he did get though is first row legends seats to today's game, an bunch of jerseys and baseballs oh and one more thing; 4 tickets to a suite at Yankee stadium for the rest fo the season including the playoffs.  See where generosity and kindness can get you kids?

What would you of done with that ball?