After reading that Dalton Castle is trying to buy his own island on the Mohawk River, I thought, how could I top that?  A mansion can't even compare to owning your own island.  Today, I saw a house go up for sale that the famous gangster, Ma Barker, and her notoriously bad son, Fred Barker were gunned down in.  I could live in gangster's house - bullet holes and all!

Arizona Donnie Clark, known to us as Ma Barker, raised five boys in the twenties and thirties. Motherhood is no easy task, especially when your sons are some of the most notorious gangsters of their era.

The Barker-Karpis gang led by Alvin Karpis and Ma's boys, Fred and Doc, were some of the most ruthless gangsters of their time.  From 1931-35, the boys went on a spree of bank robberies, kidnappings and murders.  It's been said that Ma Barker was never involved in any of the crimes, but did what any mother would do - she loved her sons.  When Doc was arrested and convicted of kidnapping Commercial State Bank President, Edward Bremer, in 1935, he had a map of the Barker's hideout.

The FBI raided the Ocklawaha, Florida home and had one of the most famous shootouts in the history of the organization.  On January 16th, 1935, Fred and Ma Barker sat in the home with orders to surrender.  Fred opened fire and a battled lasted for hours before Fred and Ma were both gunned down. 1,500 rounds were fired according to reports.  Fred had been hit 14 teams and Ma once.  The loving mother was found with a Tommy Gun in her hands.

The house has remained unchanged since the shootout.  The property,  Located on the northern shore of Lake Weir, sits on 9.5 acres and has 342 feet of beach frontage.  Original furnishings and patched bullet holes can be seen around the house.  The asking price?  Well, that starts at a cool million.  Just slightly above the 90 grand Dalton needs to buy an island.

What do you think? Awesome to live in a house riddled with history and bullets, or slightly creepy?