Nope, not Gene Simmons, but his ‘Beauty Queen’ Shannon Tweed is 54 today. And guess what? That means there are two women in their 50’s that were born on this day that I (and probably you too) would like to bang.

Whether you like Shannon Tweed or not, there’s no way that you can tell me that you wouldn’t like if your wife looked that good in her mid 50’s. And it just so happens that I do like and enjoy watching her on Family Jewels.

 Sharon Stone is obviously the other woman in that age bracket that I was referring to. Although Edie Brickell is almost 10 years younger than those two, I think I’d pass on the sex with her. I did catch her on a late night talk show recently though, and she did jam out a good tune!

Dean Torrence (singer) is 71- Singer for Jan and Dean

Chuck Norris (actor) is 71-“Walker” on Walker, Texas Ranger

Katharine Houghton (actress) is 66-“Joanna” in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Tom Scholz (guitarist) is 64- Guitarist for Boston

Shannon Tweed (actress) is 54- Gene Simmons’ companion

Sharon Stone (actress) is 53-“Ginger” in Casino

Lance Burton (magician) is 51- Had his own nightly show in Las Vegas

Jasmine Guy (actress) is 49-“Whitley” on A Different World

Jeff Ament (bassist) is 48- Bassist for Pearl Jam

Rick Rubin (producer) is 48- Called “the most important producer of the last 20 years” by MTV

Edie Brickell (singer) is 45- Married to Paul Simon

Daryle Singletary (singer) is 40- Had the hit “I Let Her Lie”

Timbaland (rapper-producer) is 40- Born Timothy Mosely

Robin Thicke (singer) is 34- Son of actor Alan Thicke

Carrie Underwood (singer) is 28- Had the hit song “Before He Cheats”

I couldn't find the video for that jam I mentioned earlier, so here is just some random song from Edie that I found. It's mellow, but it's cool. I think I'll close my eyes and pretend that it's Shannon Tweed singing it to me.