Craigslist offers everything, right? You can get a free car, (yes they are given away) find a lovely to bed at the end of a hard week at work, and even- find a job for the day. Yes, the Albany Area is fortunate to have Craigslist and so am I!

While searching the famed site (there's even a movie about it) on Sunday I stumbled across this piece of CL gold! To be honest, when I saw this add I did a double take. Hell, I even back clicked and came back to it to make sure it was really what I thought I had saw.

Imagine linking up with a staged baby mama, go on National TV, completely lie about making babies with her, ALL for a free trip? By the way, the free trip consists of traveling two hours downstate. So, it's not like you're going to Cali, but none the less, it's something to do and makes for a fantastic story for the grand kids.

Who knows, while on your trip to Stamford CT you and Fake Baby Mama decide that you really dig each other. See where I'm going with this? You two can fake being parents only to come back in a year and fake being in a relationship! Boom! You would be like Maury superstars.

Before you make a B-line to CL to respond to this ad, remember one thing- It's Craigslist! Is it real?  For all of you excited by the idea of being Maury ALL-STARS know one thing:

Erin from Albany and a few co-workers were a bit bored at work one night and decided they needed to post some stuff on CL

Yes, Erin and her friends enjoy creating fake ads on CL for all to see. Erin even mentioned coming home after a few drinks and posting random ads for the 'strange ones'. One can only imagine what that post consists of. Probably goes something like this:

Hey baby, horny girl missing an arm ready to show you the world via my bedroom, woot woot- Come on over!

Yes- Erin, Nick, and the rest of her crew like to 'put funny ads on CL all the time' so you best keep an open mind. You never know who's on the other end of that ad.

With wit like that, I guess now is a great time to ask Erin out- I should probably do that via CL ;-)

To the girl with the fake baby daddy post- Will you be my girlfriend. I love a chick with passion for travel

Yeah, that will do.