First it was women selling used pregnancy test to women to fake that they, themselves, were pregnant. Now comes the website 'Fake A Baby,' that allows you to create everything you need to fake having a baby to the entire world.

'Fake A Baby' claims itself to be 'the best gag gifts on Earth.' Included in their web store are fake pregnancy test, fake ultrasound photos (both 2D & 3D), fake proof of pregnancy documents, and fake newspaper announcement clippings. Let's not also forget that they sell fake pregnancy bellies that you put under your cloths to give off that "prego belly" look.

I have one question, why?

This isn't a gag gift as much as it will be used to manipulate. I can only imagine the amount of girls that will use these items to get their guys to stay with them then "lose the baby." I don't like think about that, but that's what will happen. It's rather morbid if you ask me.

And lastly, why do I see this on a future episode of Maury? (Is that show still on?)