The day that many investors have been waiting for may finally be here. The day that social networking company Facebook could file the papers for it's Initial Public Offering and become a publicly trading company on the stock exchange. With the goal of raising $5 billion dollars, many analysts think it could go even higher!

According to a sources, Facebook has enlisted Morgan Stanley, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Barclays Capital, to handle the deal. Those are some pretty big powerhouses for what is thought to be one of the biggest deals to come out of Silicon Valley. The Wall Street Journal has reported that the offering could go as high at $10 billion dollars, which would cement Facebook as the social networking company, with an empire valued at $75 to $100 billion dollars, which they say is still a undervaluation of the company.

This means that those big banks handling the deal, are poised to make a ton of money on fees and from possible new customers. Maybe I'm paranoid, but those names make me kind of scared when it comes to investing, just based on past news and their actions. But when it comes to money, many people's memories seem to go out the door. And as for Facebook, I am still not a 100% fan of them. Their whole model is to make money from our information that we freely give them.

I know I am probably sounding like Chicken Little, but based on past news and experience, can you blame me? Would I invest money with these guys if I had it? Yeah, I would, but I would also feel a little guilty because I know that some of these people are the same ones that play fast and loose with numbers. So I would definitely be following the old saying, "Let the buyer beware!"