I love tattoos and am all for the new and unusual but this is just, well, bazaar. A 39-year-old  Brazilian man has spent a good chunk of his life covering 70% of his body with ink and after wanting to try something different, he thought he'd join the handful of other people in the world who have gotten eyeball tattoos. Read on for more information.

Rodrigo Fernando dos Santos is referred to as "Musquito" and is himself a tattoo artist. He paid nearly $500 to a fellow artist to receive the tattoo, which is done by inserting the ink directly into the eyeball with a needle. Santos then "cried ink" for the following two days.

He and other artists agree that the procedure is safe and has been studied by those who perform it. Others disagree though, as certain websites mention the potential downsides, including blindness.

Go here to watch the coinciding video and to see Santos and his newly-colored eyes.

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Would you ever get eyeball tattoos?