Today on The Free Beer and Hot Wing Show, the guys follow a storm that ravaged parts of the West Coast, including L.A.

Clearly L.A. weather isn't as extreme as it is here in New York, so when they get .26 (point two six) inches of rain it's a big deal for them.Local L.A. news stations hit the streets to see what kind of frenzy the weather is causing.

As Jimmy Kimmel does so well, he pieces they stations broadcast together so we can get the complete picture of devastation that these storms left behind.

Little advice for L.A.: don't worry my west coast friends, your little shower will past. Also if you see little puddles of water all over the ground, that should be the only warning you need to know that the ground is wet. Those wet floor signs are more of an indoors kind of thing. You know, on hard surfaces where it may be difficult to see if the ground is wet or not. Oh and your weatherman public display of affection is encouraging, but also a little creepy.