In 2007, ABC's "Extreme Makeover" came to Colonie to build a new house for the Oatman family. Now, four years later, the house is on the market.

Since 2003, "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" has been helping the needy in America by building homes for families that have hit rock bottom. Hosted by HGTV's resident handsome handy-man Ty Pennington (the one who started the hot-carpenter phase on the network), the show has provided high-end homes for people that would never have been able to afford them otherwise.

The show stopped by Colonie a few years ago and rebuilt a modest, yet run-down home for a single mom and her four sons. The Colonie episode was especially moving since it was aired as that season's two-hour finale.  A description of that episode is at the Official Extreme Makeover website here.

Four years after the unveiling, the Oatman's are packing their bags and putting their mansion on the market. The reason? School taxes. An increased amount of square-footage meant an increase in the amount of taxes the single mom had to shovel out. According to a blog in the TU, the family was contractually obligated to stay in the home for three years, maintaining its pristine image. Now, after four years, the family is forced to sell the home; kinda bittersweet, don't you think? To be given a house that's akin to a mansion, and then have to give it up a few years later. It's the uberbummer. The house is now on the market for over $400K. Though I am a bit curious to know if the homeowners would get to keep anything they make off the house. Looks like they may make out after all.