For those of you doubting summer was here, it is.  We are going to be very hot for the next few days and today is going to be the hottest of them all.

Get ready for the latest heat wave Capital Region!  Today's heat index will be at 105 degrees.  To quote Paris Hilton, that's hot. Warm Muggy weather has overtaken a lot of the country and today is our turn.  So if you thought yesterday was hot, today you are in for a big surprise.

Today we are looking at a high of around 98, but with the humidity it will probably reach well above 100.  The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat warning for the Capital Region, which means being outside for long periods of time could be potentially dangerous.  So if you can stay inside in the nice air conditioning, I would do so.  They are saying to avoid outside exercise and activity.

I wonder how that will effect all the road work being done around the area, especially the stuff near downtown Albany.  I'm guessing those guys will be getting a day off.

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