Duff McKagan talks about his preference in audio and where he thinks the music industry is headed.

The ex Guns N Roses and current Velvet Revolver bassist talked about why he thinks CDs are crap and vinyl rules in his weekly column on Reverb on Seattle Weekly.com.

In the article Duff said that digital downloads have absolutely killed the music industry.  He said the art of going out to get your favorite bands album is totally lost amongst the younger generation.  Also he added that it makes it more difficult to get local and new music as they are not as readily available.

As far as his preference on cd's vs vinyl, its vinyl.  When cds first came out him and Slash were all about it and went out and bout up all they could.

It seemed like this was cutting-edge shit, and that I was at the forefront of the technology...until I got home and realized it ALL sounded like shit compared to my vinyl. Anyone who says different must just be so used to every bit of a digital track being used up, that actual 'space' in a song, must sound weird and maybe archaic.

I personally have a couple things on vinyl and I love them, but a CD is so much easier.  Even easier, loading that CD onto my computer and having my entire music library readily available whenever I want to listen to anything from AC/DC to Wu Tang Clan.  I do agree with Duff that it is a lost art to go seek out new music at your local record store, but you can't stop progress.