Men's Health recently released a chart that is a diffident buzz kill to those of us who like to have more then one drink from time to time. Heck, if you 2-3 cups of coffee - you're deader quicker.

So we all know that we need to exercise more - for some of us, that's a wee bit harder then for others. Trust me, I have in my mind the motivation to go to the gym when I leave work but damn if I actually do it when I get home.

David Spiegelhalter, Ph. D , a professor of bio-statistics at the University of Cambridge, steps in the above chart. He believes that certain activities effect your life in what he calls "micro-lives" - or 30 minute windows. This can be adding or even subtracting from your lifespan.

For instance, every alcoholic drink you have after your first in a day brings you 15 minutes closer to death then you already where (by that decree, I'm probably a year closer to death).

Here's the breakdown: The first one drink, according the chart, lengthens your life by 30 minutes. The seconds drink and everyone thereafter drops you life down by 15 minutes a drink. Thus the "no more then 2 drinks a day" rule comes in to play. If you only drink 2 alcoholic beverages in a day, you will have gained 15 minutes to your lifespan. Drink a 3rd, 4th, 5th, or even 10th and each one takes away an additional 15 minutes.

Check out the chart and see how you fare when it comes to shortening or lengthen-ing, your lifespan.