Evanescence is releasing their first new album in over 5 years today.  The self - titled album c0ntains 16 tracks of material that all members had a hand in creating.  The record is produced by Nick Raskulinecz, known for his work with Alice in Chains and Foo Fighters. Front woman Amy Lee even feels this album is more of a family reunion.

We know how to work together and play off each other's strengths and that is different from our other albums
Amy Lee

Evanescence exploded on the scene in 2003 with 'Fallen' and their smash single 'Bring Me To Life'. The multi-platinum album earned the band a Best New Artist Grammy nomination, and peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200.

Shortly thereafter the band went thru some major changes as the bands founder, guitarist and songwriter Ben Moody left the band because of creative differences. Two other members John LeCompt and Rocky Gray also went their separate ways.

Since Evanescence' last album in 2006 the band has become more mature. Even Amy Lee got married, spend time in her New York City home and has taken up playing the harp.

The album's first single "What You Want" is Lee's self directed pep talk upon her return to the spotlight.

That song is me talking to myself about not being afraid and coming back to this thing and living the life I was born to live, sometimes, it takes a lot to do this. And I do love it very much, but there is always that fear of putting yourself under the microscope.
Amy Lee

Even though the band is more mature and together, the new album truly is a Evanescence record.  Beginning October 10th in Oakland, the band embarks on a 15 city tour that includes Chicago and Dallas, ends in New York on November 1st.

Here is the tracklist:

1. “What You Want”

2. “Made of Stone”

3. “The Change”

4. “My Heart Is Broken”

5. “The Other Side”

6. “Erase This”

7. “Lost in Paradise”

8. “Sick”

9. “End of the Dream”

10. “Oceans”

11. “Never Go Back”

12. “Swimming Home”

13. “A New Way to Bleed”

14. “Secret Door”

15. “Disappear”

16. “Say You Will”

There is even talks of putting out "lost" material the band recorded before recording this album that is more eclectic and filled with dance tracks.