Scientists in Switzerland have developed a roller coaster that is designed to kill you.  Talk about taking the ultimate plunge.

For thrill seekers, this may be the new way to say good bye to this world.   Swiss scientist Julijonas Urbonas has created a design for a roller coaster that will kill you.  Sounds pretty crazy if you ask me.  It's a 3 minute ride that takes you over 1,600 feet in the air.  To give you perspective of how high that actually is, the Chrysler building is 1,050 feet including it's antenna.

The way it kills you is the gravitational force form the massive drop which is followed by a series of loops that take to speeds of 223 miles per hour.  As if I wasn't afraid of roller coasters enough, this did the trick for me.  So if you love coasters and are looking to end it all perhaps this is for you.  I will personally just wait for old age to take me years, and years from now.