I can donate canned food, I can drop change in a bucket and I can return a DVD with a drop box, so why not a baby? This concept sounds brilliant to me.

Recently the concept of a baby drop box has come to my attention. According to Psychology today this is a concept that is poplar throughout Europe. The idea is if a parent does not want a child they can place their baby in a heated incubator box in the wall of a hospital and leave the child to be cared for and adopted totally anonymously. This idea sounds great for parents who cannot or do not want to care for a child but also want to give their baby a fare chance of survival. I like this practically because I no longer have to make my decision that I’m not keeping the kid in less than 3 months. I k now I’m totally never going to keep the kid but now it’s nice to know I have the option to think about it for longer than 9 months. The only down fall about this baby drop box concept for unwanted children is that my mother has recently learned of them and spent all of thanksgiving trying to cram me into a 3 foot X 3 foot box.

The idea of banning baby drop boxes in Europe has recently come up. The argument has been made that this limits the Child’s rights to know who their biological parents are. However I think this is a concept the United States should adopt.