Have you ever lost someone and wish you could still talk to them? Creepily enough, through a new social media 'bot' it's actually possible.

'Eterni.me', which is in the start-up phase from MIT's Entrepreneurship Development Program, uses old chat logs to create an artificial intelligence version of yourself that could actually interact with your loved ones. The creator's call refer to it as 'Skype from the past.'

Eterni.me says their main goal isn't to bring people back to dead, rather according to CEO Marius Ursache:

We're very aware we're not creating a digital clone or anything creepy, but an interface for accessing memories.

Once family and friends pass away, the memory of that person fades away. We are forgotten. Sometimes, things we'd like to pass to further generations get forgotten or lost too. And we want to prevent that

So there is a way to live on forever, kinda.