As I prep to watch my favorite TV show, Entourage, airing at 10:30 PM tonight on HBO, it saddens me to think that soon I will run out of fresh Ari Gold rants to quote Monday mornings.  As the show counts down it's final six episodes, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite Jeremy Piven classics.

Easily my number one Ari Gold moment here.  Ari merges his company with a former partner and he returns to clean house - especially with hated rival, Adam Davies.


Ari takes his frustrations out on his assistant, Lloyd, played by Rex Lee.  I don't have an assistant but I tend to throw my putter in the air at least four times a round.



How can you not enjoy a Justin Bieber bashing?



I laugh at this clip over and over.  This makes me want to walk around the office and sarcastically shout "Good Day!".



What about yourself, any good Ari rants you dig?  To get you hyped, check out the trailer for this final season I found on youtube: