A HUGE congrats to the 'Community Supports' department at Catholic Charities Disabilities Services for being the 1st winners of Q103's new, improved, and amped up Work Day Distraction!  Jacqueline, Amy, Justin, Dottie, and more were among the group in the lobby when I crashed their work place today with a whole basket of goodies, with prizes for everyone in the department!

The workers in the 'Community Supports' department do a whole TON for our Capital District community, and work so hard for community individuals dealing with things from autism to cerebral palsy.  They help these individuals with things like money management, household tasks, gaining independence, socialization, and more.  They truly do such amazing things in the service sector, and I was so proud to be able to greet their smiling faces with a prizes.  Now hopefully Justin, Amy, Jackie, and the rest of the department make sure to take some time off to enjoy everything they won!

This week, our goody basket included concert tickets, Adventure Park/Zipline tickets, cd's, t-shirts, and more!  Don't miss out on having your work place win- just head to our simple nomination form!

Congrats to Catholic Charities Disabilities Services!