The album that Metallica and Lou Reed have been working on for months now is almost upon us and you can hear it before it comes out as the entire thing is now available to stream online.

November 1st Lulu, the album that combines music giants Lou Reed and Metallica will be available to everyone to buy.   If you would like to hear it before you can buy you can check it out now in it's entirety at

Up until this point the only thing we have seen is lyrics and heard the song "The View".   It's for sure a different kind of album.  The first track "Brandenburg Gate" kicks things into gear and sets it up for the what the whole album is going to sound like.   They have been saying all along not to expect a Metallica record, and you shouldn't.  This is art?  Well whatever it is, it sounds different than anything I have ever heard.  It has the hard hitting riffs that I am use to with Metallica, but the Lou Reed vocals leave something to be desired.  Listen for yourself and judge.