When's the last time you saw someone electrocuted while performing on stage? You know, like a singer of fairly decent metal band? I have seen my fair share of shows but never have I seen something like this. Let me start by saying I wasn't at Emmure's show in Moscow the other night but a 'S' ton of people were and of course, video was rolling.

If you're unaware of New Haven/Queens deathcore band Emmure, they're been around since 2003-ish and have released roughly five albums. They kind of remind me of Brooklyn based metal, hip hop , groove killers, Candiria, kind of.

None the less, Frankie Palmeri (lead singer of Emmure) was performing with his band in Moscow when, out of no where, Frankie freezes and falls over. The culprit? 'Unsafe stage'- No kidding (sarcasm)

The good news? Frankie is going to be fine. Also, reports indicate that the stage wasn't wired properly leading to Emmure pulling the plug on the rest of performance that evening. No pun intended.

Enjoy some Emmure below: