Twitter [heidi80][/caption]Normally, this creepy little guy is supposed to keep the kids from being naughty for Mom and Dad. This year though, he's living it up. The world is supposed to end before Christmas anyway, right?

  • Elf finds a %22friend%22

    Because elves need lovin', too.

  • Gettin' Paper

    He blew all his money on his "lady friend" - and the Elf isn't ready to end the night, yet.

  • Movie Time

    A little Skin-a-max on demand keeps Elf happy.

    Twitter [ScribeHard]
  • Ooooo, bananaaaa.

    Don't judge. They don't make blow up dolls in Elf size, he's gotta take what he can find.

    Flickr [John Carlton]
  • Elmers + Elf = BFF

    With a bottle that size, the Elf will be feeling gooooooooooood for a while.

  • Fail.

    Okay, maybe there was a little TOO much fun with the Elmers.

  • Barbie Booty Call

    Barbie knows juuuuust how to make Elf feel better.

  • 3 Barbies are More Fun

    We always knew Barbie was a freak.

    Twitter (Heidi80)
  • Elf needs a Pick Me Up

    We know Santa is going to be PISSED when he finds out what Elf has been up too - so might as well go big or go home. A little nose candy and he's back at it!

  • It's his D*ck in a Box!

    Elf's not gonna get her a diamond ring, that sort of gift don't mean anything. He's not gonna get Barbie a fancy car. She's gotta know that she's Elf's shinin' star.

    Instagram [csmithwick]
  • 50 Shades of Elf

    Christian Grey has nothing on this Elf. Laters, baby.

  • When you gotta go, you gotta go.

    By this time of night, Elf just doesn't give a $#!+ where he takes a $#!+.

  • Vegas, Baby!

    He's got no idea how he got there, or no idea how the Mike Tyson tattoo got on his face. All he knows is he's in Vegas - and its AWESOME.

  • Party's Over.

    This was the last picture we got of Elf. He couldn't tell us exactly what he did, but that was because he didn't remember. The cops said they aren't even sure what to charge him with because of what he did.