Don’t you hate when you have an overwhelming amount of pudding but only a short amount of time to get rid of it? If you invite this girl to your house you will never have that problem again. Check out this video of Molly Schuyler breaking the world record for most amount of pudding eaten in under 3 minutes.

Some people might view this as a record not worth holding or bragging about but I will have to disagree. Molly Schuyler is not only super skilled but she is super prepared for the dangers that lurk in our future. It’s only a matter of time until a nuclear explosion happens near a pudding factory causing a transformation or mutation of all the pudding inside. Soon the world will be living in terror under the reign of a gigantic radioactive pudding monster that has a wrath far greater than banana cream pie.

Everyone in this pudding monster’s path will be doomed except for Molly here. Molly holds the skills and the expandable stomach to take down this monster and save the human race. Thanks, Molly, for your devotion to protecting planet earth!