I think I might be the only adult to understand what exactly these kids we’re thinking when they burned down the Kospa Farmhouse.

Four teenagers in East Greenbush set fire to some paper hanging out of a window on the Kospa Farmhouse which quickly escalated to a massive fire which completely destroyed the building. The four teenagers have been charged with arson for destroying the historical 17th century building.

I know exactly what was going through these kids' minds before they set fire to this building only because I still can tap into the mindset of a 15 year old. It might take me a few beers to do so but I am completely capable. A 15 year old boy does NOT think. Impulse is and was my best friend at that age and if I saw a wet floor sign in a hotel lobby I would stomp on it so it splits into 2 pieces then run away with my friends laughing. There’s no reason why I would do something so stupid other then to make my self and friends laugh.

These kids saw paper, had a lighter and 2 + 2 = let's light this on fire and see what happens. I know you are thinking “well the building will burn down,” but a teenager doesn’t think that far ahead. Regret is what they feel now but I’m pretty sure they never set out to burn this whole building down.