Last week the two partners were announced for the proposed casino in East Greenbush, but the residents there aren't too happy with the idea of a Vegas-style casino in their town.

Saratoga Raceway and Casino announced last week their partnership with Churchhill Downs to build a $300 million casino resort in the town. The partners say it will bring 1,700 new jobs to the area along with a steady flow of income.

Residents of the town are not too happy about being 'steamrolled' by the plans. They claim the town board is moving ahead with the plans without any public input on the matter.

They plan to protest tonight (May 21) to show their distaste with the town board and make their voices heard about concerns of a casino in their town.

There's even a Facebook page against the casino called 'No East Greenbush Casino' with such post as

Study after study after study links casinos to crime, addiction, property value deflation, and eczema. Aside from eczema the list is accurate but also far from complete. The bad outweighs the good.

The protest will be held at 6 PM at the Town Hall, which is just before the Town Board meeting.