Generally when I visit a relative in the nursing home, I'm not thinking of how to find a babe. Apparently a man named Wally thinks differently. Police arrested Wally after he was caught making out with and groping a 98 year old woman at a nursing home. Wally didn't have any relatives at the home either - he was just using it more like a twisted strip club. Wally (full name Wallace Wheeler) did however at one point have a sister living at the home, but she passed away in December. Even after she passed away, he continued to visit the home, and now we know why.

The Times Union gives the details - a family member visiting a relative witnessed Wally making out with the 98 year old, then he went and got her some candy, returned, and copped a feel of her breast. The woman that he allegedly touched had dementia.

A PR firm, speaking for Evergreen Commons, the nursing home, has said there have been no previous incidents at the home.