Since last week's announcement of the partners for the possible casino location in East Greenbush, there have been residents that don't completely agree with the idea. Last night both sides got to make their voices heard.

Dwight Jenkins is afraid it will change the the town forever:

It will change the town. You put a casino that size into a town and you now change the character of that town forever. There’s no going back.

There are many like Jenkins that are afraid of change for the town but Neysa Moleski says the town needs change:

That’s what it is. They don’t want change. Take a ride up 9 and 20 and you’ll see everything is a ghost town. Hello, let’s bring some money back into the town

The Town Board didn't answer any questions about the casino but listened to both sides of the argument. That will change on June 4 when another Town Board meeting will happen and they will take questions from the public.

Town Supervisor Keith Langley says they have been upfront with the plans for the casino and aren't hiding anything from the public. The Town Board will have to vote again on the casino plans because the State Gaming Commission says the town must have town support and a site picked out before anything could move forward.

In the meantime, those that appose the casino can voice their opinions on the Facebook group "No East Greenbush Casino.'