Scientists are saying that the Worlds population could grow by 2 billion people by 2050.  The resulting book could render our beautiful planet unrecognizable.

I was reading an interesting article online today that says that by the time we get to the year 2050, we may not even be able to recognize earth.  That's only about 40 years away. What would be the cause of this?  A humongous growth of the worlds population.  As of right now we are below to 7 billion mark as far as the worlds population goes, but the United Nations predicts that it could potentially grow to around 9 billion by 2050.  And here I thought it was all suppose to end by 2012.  Well if it doesn't, it looks like we may be in trouble anyway.

At the US Science conference on Sunday, panels of experts revealed that the population boom will occur in mostly poor countries such as Africa, Asia and parts of South and Central America.  These places really don't have any way to promote birth control, and with a lack of resources they can't really get the information out there.  I say, lets all chip in, buy some condoms and ship them to Kenya.  I for one don't want to see a planet stripped of it resources.  Yes, that is what will render our world unrecognizable.  With the population growth we will need more space per family, which will also need more food.

We want to minimize population growth, and the only viable way to do that is through more effective family planning.

- John Casterline (director of Population Research Ohio State)

There in lies yet another problem.  Where are we going to get all that food from?  We will then need more space for farming and cattle resulting in more deforestation.  It just isn't looking like there is much of an upside to this.  The world is already dealing with depleting resources and food can't become one of them.  I know there are already parts of the world struggling with hunger issues so we can't have more on top of that.   Experts are calling for world governments to start increasing funding on how to manage population growth now before it's to0 late.