According to an article posted by News 10 ABC, an army veteran who served almost 20 years and toured in Iraq is currently on hospice care in his home.   One of the things veteran Lee Hernandez asked for- a text or call.   Apparently, over a few hour time period, he had given his phone to his wife and was hoping to receive some calls and unfortunately no one did.  As a result, a post was made on the Arizona Veterans Forum Facebook page by a friend of the families, with the information to call or text so that he knows other veterans are thinking of him.

I am so moved by this story, and it at appears the overwhelming support that has been shown.  The post on the Arizona Veterans Forum page along has been shared over 350 times.   As a nurse who has worked with many dying patients, it's amazing what a little show of support can do for someone's morale.  Beyond anything, my heart goes out to any veteran and anyone who risks their life and sacrifices to serve our country.  Though Lee is currently in located across the country, I want to give him a huge thank you for his service, along with all of you veterans out there.