Police all around the Capital Region were busy all weekend thanks to those wishing to celebrate St. Patrick's Day early. One man made it rather easy for police to find out he was driving drunk.

Where as most try to avoid police, one Albany man ran right in to the police - literally.

Jovan C. Montgomery struck a Warren County Sheriff's squad car in Glen Falls.

Montgomery pulled on to Glen Street from South Street, where he though he was going the wrong way and began to backup. Unfortunately for Montgomery a Warren County Sheriff had also pulled on to Glen Street. The squad car was at a complete stop when Montgomery backed in it.

Montgomery submitted to a chemical analysis of his breath and was found to have a BAC of .13%. He was charged with DWI and released.

That wasn't the only DWI over the weekend, a Stoney Creek man was arrested on Saturday with a BAC nearly three times over the legal limit.

According to the Sheriff's office, Jeffrey Gray had a BAC of .26% when they arrived on the scene of a two car accident. Gray was charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated and unsafe backing.


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