Zane was down early and crept right back up only to falter on  the final question and fall today.  Next week the pot is back down to $400. 

It wasn't Zane's day today.  Listener Cory walked away with a $3200 prize when he beat Zane by a score of 5-3 in todays round of Dumber Than Zane trivia presented by Cat Footwear.

I can't say I can blame Zane for getting that last question about what the 'SVP' stands for in RSVP because I had no idea that it was french.  He was on his way to come back after being down 4-1 but alas he loses so therefore next week it will be worth $400.

Make sure your listening next Thursday morning for your chance to play Dumber Than Zane trivia.  Remember you only get one shot at playing, win or lose.  So if you get through, make it count!