I remember the day when my kid's mom and I decided that she would not use any pain meds during the birth of my son. After watching her and now this video, I want to say: 'Holy god, I'm glad I'm a dude! I'm glad I'll never have to experience what she and many go through. I'm sorry.'

We've all played with electro-stimulation devices before, yeah? You know, you put the little sticky patch on your arm, and your jackass friend cranks the settings to high heaven. You then want to rip the thing off, you know, right after you stop twitching?Yeah, those things!

So these two dudes claim that their wives over embellished the pain of giving birth. In fact, they are claiming most women over embellish a lot of things- We'll save that for another time ;-)

Man 1 and Man 2 go into doctors office to experience child birth via electro-stimulation. Enjoy!

The best part? At the end, when Man 2 looks at his wife and screams- 'Don't look at me!' Priceless.