Turtle burger? Genius! This has the makings of the perfect pet. It’s cute, extraordinary and can’t run away from you… at least not quickly. And when you’re turtle burger has lost its appeal and is no longer fun, you can eat it!

Huffington Post is reporting a dude in China was trying to sneak his pet turtle onto a flight by trying to pass it off as a hamburger. The only issue is when this guy tried to sneak the tasty turtle through security he made a rookie mistake.

“A man trying to sneak his pet turtle through airport security decided it would just be best to disguises his shelled companion as a KFC Hamburger…” -HP

Yeah you read that correctly, a “KFC Hamburger”. Bro, do you even eat real people food? No self respecting adult who loves to stuff their face full of fast food and greasy chicken skin would make this mistake. If you are going to embody the identity of a hungry fast food craving passenger, than get your facts in order and really embrace the character. Next time stuff that Franklin lookalike into a Carl’s Junior bad and fly like a pro.