Ahhhh, jumping on ice- Fun and dangerous! Not sure why it's fun, although, in the case of this dude, he reminds me why it's fun, to at least, watch him. See, this guy and his buddy  filmed themselves hanging down by the river. (insert Chris Farley here)

What do they stumble upon:? An ice overhang that appears to be at least 10ft over the rocky bank of said river! I'm assuming dude with the camera thought: 'we have to film this' as his buddy starts to jump up and down on the ice hang.

What happens next? Let's just say you'll see it coming a mile away. Funny that they didn't!

The good news for us? Spring has finally sprung so no worries: Ice overhangs are all gone. The good news for him? That arm of his wasn't broken into many pieces.