This guy did what every dude watching wanted to do 30 seconds into the video. Is this guy a jerk? No way, he’s a hero in my eyes.

Listen I understand she was frightened, but if she was really afraid she wouldn’t have strapped on the harness and rope. They say “no” means “no” but in slack line swinging “harness” and “standing on the edge” means “yes”. If you’re jumping off something death defying there is no thinking about it. You have to go quick. Count down from 5 and jump on 3. Make it fast and unexpected like tarring off a band aid.

This chick was never going to jump on her own. All this guy did was help her full fill her secret fantasy of tempting death by falling 400 feet and swinging from a thin nylon rope over a 2,000 foot deep canyon. So on behave of this bro with the blonde hair allow me to say “you’re welcome” to this ungrateful chicken S*** girlfriend of his.


American women are such wimps when it comes to falling off cliffs. Why can’t you be more like the chicks in Russia?