Is it possible to get busted for to two DUIs in one night? Yes, I read stories all the time about people getting released and then busted hours later. This guy though did the ultimate in DUI arrest stories; he got busted twice in one night at the same exact time.

It's all thanks to Daylight Savings Time ending. Niles Gammons was pulled over and failed a breathalyzer at 1:08am on Sunday, November 4th. He was taken to jail, booked on the charges, and released an hour later. By this point in the night Daylight Savings Time ended and the extra hour kicked in.

Dear 'ol Niles got behind the wheel of another car at the police station and began to drive away when THE SAME COP from an hour earlier stopped him again before leaving. Niles would then fail the breathalyze for a second time and returned to jail at 1:08am!

Yes, he was busted at the exact same time, twice, in one night. So to Niles we give a standing ovation for doing the nearly impossible and giving us a great lesson as we head to the weekend. And for that, we thank you!

Story: MSN