Public transportation. Doesn't matter if it's the city bus or a national/international flight, it's either the greatest place to people watch or an example of how sad humanity is. Ever have to deal with someone who was too drunk to fly? It's like dealing with a drunk, except in a more confined space and in the air.

A drunk passenger on a New York bound flight was duct-tapped to his seat after alleged spitting on other flyers.  

Gudmundur Karl Arthorsson, 46-years-old, was cut free and arrested upon arrival at JFK Thursday of last week. The civil engineer "drank all of his duty-free liquor while in flight from Iceland" according to the Tumblur account of Andy Ellwood who shot the above picture.

About 2 hours before the flight was to land, Arthorsson went into a drunken tangent; verbally assaulting other passengers and the flight crew. This resulted in the 2 females sitting next to him in the same row asking to be moved to new seats. Two men agreed to help the ladies and I guess that made Karl very, very mad.

He attempted to strangle one passenger and grope another, after that he began to take fighting stance/posses. The two men the agreed to sit in the place of the 2 females next to Karl became fed up with his antics. With the help of the flight crew, Arthorsson would be held down to his seat with flex-cuffs and duct-tape. They even gagged him for good measure.

When police took Arthorsson from the plane, he was so drunk he began to scream there was a snake in his pant leg.  He would be treated at a local hospital for alcohol poisoning.

No charges have been files as no passengers have come forward with complaints of his behavior to add to a report.