How much it "too much" to drive. We know the current legal limit is .08. What if it was lower and you could get popped for having 2 drinks in an hour, then driving?

Now I'm not condoning drinking and driving but The National Transportation Safety Board has voted to lower the drunk-driving limit from .08 to .05. The board is also asking for stricter penalties for first time drunk drivers and repeat offenders. All this in an attempt to save over 100,000 lives effected by alcohol impaired driving accidents a year.

It should be noted that the NTSB can't actually change the legal limits, rather only make suggestions that each state make the change on their own. It took nearly 20 years when in 2004 the final state conceded to the new(er) regulations of .08 from the original .15.

What does the new limit mean? The example given by CNN says a 180 pound man could only have two to three drinks an hour compared to the current four.

The American Beverage Institute has already chimed in calling the proposed changes "ludicrous", that it would "criminalize perfectly responsible behavior", and it's the "latest attempt by traffic safety activist groups to expand the definition of 'drunk'".

(ABC News)